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space exploration:





Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE)
Credit: NASA Ames / Dana Berry


about atomicpost

atomicpost is a science subscription which explores various science topics in a monthly package of informative goods. We’re the same people who make the popular science artifact box MATTER, so you can trust that we take science very seriously. Each month of atomicpost includes an assortment of cool items like pins, patches, stickers, art, and more about specific subjects within the theme you choose. Our first themes available are Space Exploration and Prehistoric Life.

More themes will be available in upcoming months. Scroll down to let us know what science themes you’d like to see.


theme 2

prehistoric life:

THE species

THEir habits

THEir lives


Johnson Mortimer


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theme 1

space exploration

Explore the exploration of space and the specialized machines built to study the dark frontier and the mysterious worlds floating around us. Each month's package may include pins, mission patches, stickers, info cards, concept art, or more about a specific spacecraft, its mission, its design, and its journey.


theme 2

prehistoric life

Explore long-extinct dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that previously made the Earth their home...possibly even in your exact location. Each month's package may include pins, patches, stickers, info cards, art or more about a specific species, its appearance, its habits, and its life.